Katie Miller

Founder and Principal Consultant

Katie has more than 15 years of experience initiating, building and managing climate change and sustainability programs. One key to Katie’s success is her ability to develop relationships of substance and trust with a wide variety of stakeholders, which enables her to gain consensus and drive meaningful change.

Katie has a unique ability to understand issues from a systems-level lens, giving her greater insight into opportunities and threats with respect to the climate. She brings excitement, creativity and dedication to each project, and this has landed her some of the most compelling climate change work in the federal government. Some of Katie’s top achievements include:

  • Doubling the number of clean vehicles in the federal fleet

  • Inspiring a partnership with federal suppliers to report their greenhouse gas emissions

  • Authoring a study on the environmental benefits of intelligent transportation systems

  • Mitigating climate change risks for a $50 billion telecommunications contract

Katie’s work was showcased on the White House Council on Environmental Quality’s GreenGov Spotlight Community, and she received a Climate Champion award from President Obama.

Katie studied Geography at Millersville University where she earned a Bachelors of Arts and studied Environmental and Natural Resource Policy at George Washington University where she received her Masters of Arts.