Our Process

As the world faces a growing climate crisis, Adaptive Futures believes it is essential to develop strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation in tandem; accordingly, we develop strategies that that:

  1. prepare our clients for the current and future impacts of climate change,

  2. reduce our client’s global greenhouse gas emissions, and

  3. ensure our clients are protected from the physical, transition, regulatory, and economic impacts of climate change.

We utilize a structured step-by-step process, inspired by NASA, in order to deliver tailored and comprehensive solutions that will maximize benefits and fit your organization.

We begin our process by taking a comprehensive inventory of your organization’s assets, and from there, we identify those that are critical to your mission. Once your critical assets have been identified, we create a prioritization framework where your assets are ranked based on the mission-critical activities that they support. Next, we create various scenarios and begin stress testing your critical assets to see if they are insulated from risks created by climate change. Based on the results of the stress test, we develop our initial adaptation strategies and then create a roadmap for implementing, financing, and integrating the strategies into your operations.

At the same time, Adaptive Futures will work with your organization to reduce its impact on the environment by developing strategies to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and integrate sustainable, and often cost saving, practices into your operations. First, we will create a greenhouse gas inventory management plan to ensure your organization has a high-quality and comprehensive inventory. We will follow this by defining your organizational boundaries, consulting sector-specific guidance as necessary, and conducting your organization’s first greenhouse gas inventory, which will serve as a baseline for setting and measuring emissions reduction goals. Next, we will look at how your organization can implement more sustainable practices in your buildings, energy and water use, fleet, procurement and contracts, and waste operations.

Our goal is to maximize the many co-benefits of mitigation and adaptation.

We develop a number of recommendations that will work in tandem to deliver value, cost-savings, and protection from climate change. We ensure that all recommendations are measurable and accomplish short, mid, and long-term goals.