Services we offer

We help our clients evaluate, manage and navigate complex climate change-related issues including: climate adaptation strategies and implementation; risk mitigation; sustainability initiatives; developing and managing coalitions; actionable research; and developing and facilitating training and learning programs.

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Climate Risk Management and Adaptation

Adaptive Futures works with your organization to assess how climate change threatens your micro-and-macro-environments in order to identify areas of opportunity and risk. We begin by assessing your critical assets, buyers, suppliers, and the communities in which you work, as well as the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal implications of climate change; subsequently, we develop tailored techniques that will allow your organization to be proactive and have responsive agility amid climate crises. Our recommendations include short, mid, and long-term goals and strategies, along with the necessary actions to achieve them.

Examples of the types of climate change adaptation strategies we recommend and implement include: strategic procurement language and vehicles, resource planning, securing infrastructure from climate hazards, and more.


Climate Mitigation and Sustainability

Most organizations are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint; however, many organizations fail to realize that 80% of their emissions are likely from indirect sources, like their supply chains, and therefore, these emissions often go unreported and unmanaged.  We take a holistic look at your organization’s operations and develop tailored and innovative solutions that are cost effective, measurable, and are linked to your organization’s strategy. 

Examples of the types of sustainability initiatives we implement include: greenhouse gas accounting, reduction and management; sustainable procurement; sustainable supply chain management; clean and renewable energy use; water conservation; alternative fuel vehicle fleet management; electronic stewardship; and waste reduction.  



Adaptive Futures advises your organization on methods for integrating our recommendations into your culture.  We develop learning programs that build awareness, momentum and excitement for the changes your organization is making; additionally, we develop tools for linking employee performance to actionable items that support your climate adaptation and sustainability initiatives. 

We can also work with your organization to develop employee engagement programs. Climate Action and Sustainability Committees and community volunteer programs allow employees to champion new climate and sustainability ideas and be the drivers of meaningful change within their organization and community.


Coalition Building

Adaptive Futures is transforming the way public-and-private-sector organizations think about and respond to climate change. We have been successful in initiating and driving change through the development and management of coalitions. By actively engaging with climate-minded stakeholders, we have been able to make a difference in the way organizations address climate risks and report on greenhouse gas emissions. We have found that the best way to achieve success is by partnering with people and organizations that have a similar goal – creating a change in the ways we work with, and impact, the planet and its people.


Learning and Knowledge Sharing

At Adaptive Futures, we encourage our clients to share their climate successes and challenges with others. This sharing of information can spark other business lines within your own organization, as well as your external stakeholders, to take action on climate change, and perhaps inspire collaborate climate change efforts. We design webinars, workshops and conferences that will tell your own unique climate story and highlight your successes and expertise to internal and external audiences.


Actionable Research

Adaptive Futures is engaged in ground-breaking research that is focused on educating the public, applying climate change to organizational preparedness and bringing about policy change. We work with credible, independent, and objective institutions, like the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, to advance actionable research. Adaptive Futures strives to make sure our research initiatives create results-driven actions, not a report that collects dust on the shelf.