About us


Adaptive Futures is a boutique consulting agency that helps future-minded private and public sector clients navigate the changing and complex climate change landscape.

We are experts in assessing, developing and implementing strategic and creative climate resiliency-building initiatives that will ensure your organization is prepared to survive and thrive throughout any climate crisis.

With more than 15-years of experience in evaluating, managing and navigating complex climate change-related initiatives, we advise our clients on a wide-array of issues, including: climate adaptation strategies and implementation; risk mitigation; sustainability initiatives; developing and managing coalitions; actionable research; and developing and facilitating training and learning programs.

What separates Adaptive Futures from other climate change consulting firms?

  • We are guided by our passion for the planet and its people, and you will find that sentiment in all our recommendations.

  • We are science translators – we are skilled in taking the hard science and applying it to an organization’s priorities.

  • We are change makers and know the key success factors for implementing change in any organization.

  • We have seen firsthand that preparedness is key in combating the effects of climate change, and that’s why we enjoy adaptation work. As Thomas Edison said, “We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.”

  • We are guiding the way public-and-private organizations work together and report on climate change initiatives. We have spearheaded a number of coalitions that represent the future of organizational preparedness to climate change, and we are currently seeking additional funding for some of these cutting-edge groups.


The Brightest Minds In Climate Change Adaptation,
Climate Mitigation and Sustainability

Working with Adaptive Futures means working with seasoned experts. Our experience, skill-set and process will prepare your company or organization to withstand the impacts of climate change and ensure your financial stability amid the unpredictable and changing climate.