Climate Change Risk Management and Adaptation

It is imperative that every organization have a plan for:

  1. assessing its vulnerability to risks created by extreme temperatures and precipitation, rising sea levels and storm surges, droughts and wildfire and heavy winds and

  2. a strategic approach for anticipating, planning for, and adapting to our changing climate; furthermore, this plan must be comprehensive and take into account your organization’s strategy, performance management and supply chain.

Undoubtedly, your organization will be impacted by the erratic effects of climate change, and the key to success is preparation. Adaptive Futures works with your organization to develop strategy, plans and tools for mitigating risks, and capitalizing on opportunities, created by climate change.

Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainability

The practice of climate change mitigation and sustainability is focused on reducing your organization’s impact on our planet; more specifically, it centers around the idea that resources are finite and in order to be successful in this marketplace, every organization needs to be forward-thinking in the way it engages with the world. By integrating sustainability into your core culture, practices and operations, your organization will minimize its negative impact on our environment, thus creating a stronger and more viable planet.

Adaptive Futures works with organizations to achieve positive environmental goals, such as more accurate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, utilizing clean and renewable energy sources, creating sustainable supply chains, reducing waste, and investing in vehicles that use alternative fuel sources. Our recommendations are aligned with your organization’s strategy and always include metrics to track and measure progress.